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This article is about the WebP and WebM media file formats and detailing WebP vs WebM. First, we have to talk what WebP and WebM are. There are many formats of images used for desktop and many web applications such as .jpg, .png etc. But they are having the larger sizes when it comes to good quality images. That is why the special formats of images were required.

About WebP image format


WebP format was introduced by a Google developer group. It is a very specialized format of images with the .webP extension. WebP images basically come in two different versions. The two main image formats you find in the most application I. JPG and. PNG formats. WebP format of images is constructed by converting mainly those two types into WebP. There are compression techniques used in the conversion of the images to WebP and the technique used depends on the original format of the image. This is done by some algorithmic tools. If the format is PNG then the conversion is to lossless WebP format. If the original image is of the JPEG format then the conversion is into lossy WebP format. There are very important uses of the WebP image. As earlier mentioned, the WebP format is developed to reduce the size of the images that are uploaded to web pages without compromising the quality of the images.

WebP Converter

If you were a web user before the WebP format is introduced, you may remember that in some websites even powered by Google took so much time to load. This was not because the internet was slow, but because of the large size of the quality images on those websites. That is why the WebP images were found. Lossless image format of WebP is almost 26% smaller in size than the original PNG. The lossy compression format is 24 – 34% smaller in size than the original image.

WebM Audio File Format


The WebM is an audio and video file format. It was first developed by an external group of developers and later by the Google. Therefore, when we talk about WebP vs. WebM it’s one similarity that both the formats are developed by the Google. WebM is the format developed for web pages to upload video and audio files to HTML tags. It is sort of a sister project to the project of developing WebP image format. This was also created to reduce the size of the images and videos uploaded to the web. But one of the major differences is that WebM format of media files are supported by many of the web browsers and media players including Safari Web browser.

WebM file format is converted by compressing video files using VP8 and VP9 video codec applications. WebM audio files are created by using Opus and Vorbis audio codec applications. The format or the structure of WebM is mainly based on Matroska. So basically, while WebP being an image format, WebP is a multimedia file format. The WebP is the completely open source, hence no license is required. But the WebM format is having the license called BSD for the distribution purposes.

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