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WebP Image Format

WebP is an image format designed and developed by a group of Google developers. They have created a media file format called WebM as a sister project along with the WebP projects well. There have been many issues over the years in the field of web development about the size of the images uploaded to the websites. If the quality of the image is too high, then the size of the image is also high. Therefore, the loading time of the web pages rises with the quality of the image. This results in slowing down of the web pages and websites overall.

WebP to JPG Online

WebP To JPG Online

Therefore, the WebP format was designed with the aim of reducing the size of the images while retaining their quality so that it is possible to reduce the loading time of the web pages and at the same time use good quality images in the websites. The user attraction to the web page will remain due to two reasons; less loading time of the page and the attractiveness of the web page due to the good quality of the image.

WebP Converters – WebP to JPG Online Converter

WebP images are not yet compatible with most of the web browsers and desktop applications. Therefore, we need WebP to JPG Online Converters to convert images to normal formats like JPG. There are many WebP converters to convert the images of the JPG format to WebP. Further, most of the WebP converters such as WebP to JPG Online Converter can convert the images of the WebP format to JPG.

Some of the WebP converters are online while some of them are downloadable such as the Google WebP tools which include WebP converters, decoders, source code and other tools related to the WebP image format.

WebP Compatibility

WebP is having the properties which best suits an image format to be upload to a web page. But there is not much popularity for this image format. Only two web browsers support the WebP image format in web pages. They are,

  1. Google Chrome web browser
  2. Opera Web browser.

Almost none of the desktop applications support the images in the WebP format. This is where WebP to JPG Online Converters and other types of WebP converters become useful.

If someone downloads an image which is in the WebP format, then that image cannot be opened by Windows Photo Viewer or any other image viewing application. Further, it is not editable by photo editing applications like Adobe Photoshop etc.

How to use WebP to JPG Online Converters?

There are different types of online WebP converters. Some of them can convert a series of files you upload into JPG files immediately. Some of them require you to enter your Email address and the application will email you the converted images within a certain time.

However, using WebP to JPG Online Converter can be somewhat less secure than using a downloadable converter because there is a risk of leaking your personal data to a third party application online.

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