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What is Online WebP Converter?

Through this article, we are going to discuss the WebP free online image converter tools and their usages. But first, let us see what the WebP format is. WebP is the alternate image format introduced by the Google, to be uploaded to the web pages instead of the traditional file formats such as JPG and PNG. There was the issue of larger loading time if the web pages on the Internet due to the quality of the images used. This was mainly because all the quality images were very large in size. There was no good effective way to reduce the size of the imager without compromising the quality of that image. This is where the technique of lossy and lossless compressions came up. The two algorithms of lossy and lossless compressions could reduce the size of the images in JPG and PNG formats drastically by converting them to the WebP format.

Online WebP Converter

WebP format was introduced in 2010 by a group of developers in Google. They have now found techniques to convert GIF image formats to WebP as well. This is done by converting one GIF to a series of WebP images. Further, the finding of WebM media format was also a sister project of the WebP project by the Google. Through that format, the size of the audio and other media files uploaded to the web are reduced through a compression technique as well. There are many advantages of using the WebP format rather than the JPG or the PNG format. That is why WebP free online image converter is so popular.

WebP images are produced by subjecting the PNG images to load lossless compression techniques. This reduces the size of a PNG by 26 % than its original size. WebP images of the lossy compression technique are converted from the images of JPEG format. The images of WebP format ae 25 to 34 % smaller than the JPEGs at the same SSIM Quality Index. Transparency or the Alpha channel is supported by the Lossless format of WebP images, with an additional size cost of around 22 % of bytes. In some cases, the lossy RGB compression can be applied. Therefore, in such cases, the lossy images also support transparency of images.

What is WebP free online image converter ?

As we now know the advantages of the WebP images, it is evident that using WebP images is very important. Therefore, it is of utmost essentiality that the JPG and PNG images are converted to the WebP. For that this WebP free online image converter tools can be utilized. There are several such WebP free online image converters available on the Internet. Almost all those services are much accurate and effective in the image conversion. These converters are also useful in converting the WebP images into other image formats. In most of the desktop applications, even the Windows Photo Viewer, the WebP image is not supported well. Therefore, conversion from the WebP to JPG, PNG, and GIF are also done by these type of WebP free online image converters.

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