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Convert PNG, JPG to WebP – What is WebP?

Introductions, How to Convert PNG, JPG to WebP. WebP refers to a modern image format developed by Google that allows image conversions through both lossy and lossless compressions in order to create smaller, higher quality images that support faster web action. The WebP converter takes images from different formats such as PNG and JPG and converts them to WebP format and vice versa. Images in WebP format facilitate faster loading of web pages and are easier to handle in general as they are smaller, higher quality versions of themselves.

PNG, JPG to WebP

How does WebP converter work?

When converting images in PNG, JPG to WebP format or vice versa, the WebP converter makes use of either lossy WebP compression or lossless WebP compression.

WebP Converter

Lossy WebP compression

When using lossy WebP compression, the original image will be lost during the compression, meaning that you can’t recover it after compression. Also, any reduction in the size of the image will be followed by a proportional loss in image quality leading this compression type to be more suited for text and data file conversions as well as images with very small file sizes. Additionally, a number of tools and plugins like the WebP Photoshop plugin are supported by this method.

Lossless WebP compression

Lossless WebP compression allows for a reduction in image size without the accompanying loss of quality. This method is best suited for dealing with image types like JPG, JPEG or PNG and can be more economically handled when converted in bulk using either method.

Why should you use WebP converter?

WebP conversion is extremely useful for developers and webmasters working with lightweight web pages as this tool allows you to create smaller sized high-quality images that support faster web page activity. Here are some other facts that can tell why exactly you should be using the WebP converter and WebP image format on your web pages.

  • WebP converter is a free open source software.
  • It reduces images by up to 26% of their original size.
  • Outputs richer quality images that support faster loading web pages.
  • There is no need to use third party image optimization tools to change image properties with WebP converter.
  • WebP images don’t lose their original colors or the number of pixels when they are converted.
  • The tool is simple and easy to use.

Supported browsers and software

WebP converter is natively supported on Google Chrome and Opera web browsers. Additionally, certain graphics software like Picasa, Konverter, Photoline and Adobe Photoshop also support WebP image format conversions.

How to convert PNG, JPG to WebP using WebP converter

When attempting to convert images from PNG, JPG to WebP format you would either have to download and install WebP converter or use an online converter tool. Here are some basic steps follow to get the WebP converter working on your device.

Step 1: Download XnConvert for Windows as WebP conversions cannot be run on regular software.
Step 2: Open XnConvert and drag and drop the PNG or JPG images that you want to convert on to its interface.
Step 3: Go to the Output tab and find the WebP image format from the dropdown list.
Step 4: Click convert to finish.

The free online service “Cloud Convert” is also available for online conversions. Additionally, a WebP codec has also been developed to support the operating system and allow you to open and view WebP files on Windows Explorer.

Developer Credits

WebP image format and WebP converter were developed by Google in 2010. The image format has since seen a rapid increase in usage during recent years.

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