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What is Online WebP Converter?

Through this article, we will discuss the Online WebP Converter. WebP format is required to be converted to other formats and for that, the Online WebP Converter can be easily utilized in a very simple way. There are many other options other than the Online WebP Converter for the conversion of image formats back and for the from the WebP format.

What is WebP format?

First, let us get to know what WebP is. WebP is an Image format like the JPG or PNG. It is used in the web development for the usage in the web pages.

WebP Developers

WebP image was first developed by the Google Inc, as a project of reducing the size and the loading time of the web pages. In around 2010 they came up with the new format called WebP with a dramatically reduced size while retaining the quality of the images in the web pages.

WebP Converter

Why convert images to WebP?

The technology used in WebP is the WebP compression in two major ways as the Lossy Compression and the Lossless Compression. Both these are used to compress the images of other formats such as the JPG and PNG into WebP images. Once compressed the size is drastically reduced while the quality of the image retains the same.

Therefore, instead of directly uploading the images into web pages in either JPG or the PNG format, they are first compressed using an Online WebP Converter or a downloadable toolkit to reduce the loading time of web pages and to speed up the Internet. Further, when you download the images in WebP format into the PC, a new issue arises. That is they are not supported by almost any of the desktop application and very few of the web browsers. Therefore, if you are to use an image downloaded in the WebP format, first you have to use an Online WebP Converter to convert the image into the general original formats of the image.

Advantages of using WebP images

The lossy format of the WebP images is created from the JPEG images. They are 25 -34% smaller than the original JPEG images.

Lossless format is the images converted from the PNG format and them around 26% smaller than the original image of the PNG format.

In both the case, the quality remains almost the same.

The conversions done by the Online WebP Converter into WebP formats are completely reversible using the same toolkit very effectively.

Recently, the WebP images started supporting animations or GIF images. In this case, a series of WebP images are created from one GIF.

WebP support

WebP image format is natively supported by the Google Chrome Web Browser and the Opera Web Browser. Other web browsers are not yet supporting the images in WebP format. A series of image editing tools also support the WebP images. But Photoshop or Windows Photo Viewer do not support the editing or viewing of the WebP image format. Therefore, Online WebP Converter must be used to convert images back to the original formats before using those tools.

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