iPhone Carrier Unlock

You may have to use the iPhone unlocks for two main reasons. One is if you get locked out of your device because you forgot your Apple id which accesses your iCloud account. If you are locked out of your device that way, then you have to go for iCloud activation lock removal. The other way is requiring to use a different carrier than the original carrier of your iPhone. This is known as iPhone Carrier Unlock. Through this article, we won’t be discussing the iPhone iCloud Unlock. Today we will discuss the techniques and reasons to go for an iPhone Carrier Unlock.

iCloud Carrier Unlock

What is iPhone Carrier Unlock?


iPhone Carrier Unlock is required if you want to change the carrier of your iPhone. In some cases, the current carrier of the iPhone may have activated the Carrier Lock so that you can change to another carrier by switching your SIM card. But most of the times there may be situations where you want to change the carrier. In such cases, Apple suggests certain steps which have to go through the carrier of your device.

  1. First, you have to check whether your carrier provides the unlocking services.
  2. If they do, contact them and ask for an iPhone Carrier Unlock. Your request for the iPhone Carrier Unlock may take a few days to process.
  3. Once, your iPhone Carrier Unlock is confirmed, you can find a SIM from another carrier.
  4. First, you have to remove the current SIM from your device.
  5. Then insert the new SIM and set up the device again.
  6. If there is no new SIM, backup the device, restore it to initial settings and finish the iPhone Carrier Unlock process.

Applications for iPhone Carrier Unlock


There are ways to unlock your carrier lock without contacting your current iPhone carrier. There are plenty of free applications as well as some paid very reliable applications, which allows iPhone Carrier Unlock. After using one such application you can easily change your SIM card to one from any Carrier you would prefer.

The method of unlocking the carrier lock is different from one model of the iPhone to another. Therefore, the mechanisms used by these applications differ from one to another in iPhone Carrier Unlock.

But in case you have forgotten the passcode, and you are locked out of your device, there is no need to go for an iPhone Carrier Unlock. You can simply change the passcode of your iPhone. If you forget the passcode of either of your iOS devices such as iPhone, iPod Touch or the iPad, then it will automatically be disabled with few wrong keys. Therefore, there are a few simpler steps than to change your carrier to reset a passcode for your device.

First, you have to erase all your data from your device so that it will remove the passcode. Sorry about your data if you haven’t back up already though.

Connect your device to the synced computer, force restarts it and go to the recovery mode of your model of the iOS device, then give restore to restore the phone. Then set up and use the device.

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