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How to Unlock iCloud Activation Lock?


Did you spend money to purchase an iPhone which is stuck with iCloud Activation lock screen? Or have you forgotten your own password and unable to go through the lock screen? You are reading the right article. This will help you on how to unlock your Apple device which is stuck with an iCloud activation lock.

How to Unlock iCloud Lock

Sometimes you may feel like selling your Apple device for a cheap price on such an occasion where you are stuck with an iCloud activation lock as you can not go further and log into the device. So, it will naturally come into mind as there is no point in keeping a device which cannot be logged in and use.

However, we would like to advise you as do not give up your valuable iPhone just for the sake of having an iCloud locked screen. We can help you to solve this issue without having you to sell your precious iPhone.

Different methods of iCloud Unlock


If you search the web regarding iCloud unlock, you will find hundreds of methods and service providers to do that. However, some users who used them have found that some of such software available in the web market is SCAM software. So, they might contain virus, trojan and etc which will affect your device and the data stored in it negatively.

Therefore, selecting a proper and a right iCloud unlock method and a service provider is the most important part of this whole procedure.

That is why we thought to give you some tips from which you can understand whether the iCloud unlock method that you are going to use is the right one or not.

Safety and the reliability- Check how many users have used the particular iCloud method or the server and whether their comments give you a positive impact about the safety and the reliability of it. If the previous users had issues with the particular server, then do not use that method.

Time and the speed- Next, you need to check the time that it takes to unlock the iCloud and also the speed of it. Nobody wants to pay money for an iCloud unlock and wait for days until the server unlocks it.

Cost- You have already spent so much money to purchase an iPhone right? So, you might probably don’t want to spend more money on your device. Therefore, choose a server which costs you a fair amount to get your iCloud unlocked.

Below are some famous and reliable methods of iCloud Unlock which you can use,

  • Online iCloud unlock service
  • Doulci iCloud Unlock method
  • DNS iCloud Unlock method
  • CellUnlocker
  • IMEI iCloud unlock method

Out of the above methods, CellUnlocker and DNS method is not frequently used nowadays as they are somewhat complicated to use. Yet others are often used. However, the IMEI method is considered as the best among them because just by supplying the IMEI number, the server will unlock the iCloud for you. Since you do not need to download any app in the IMEI method, it will also optimize the safety of the data and the device both.

Hope you enjoyed reading this!

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