iCloud Removal for Your iOS Devices.

iCloud Removal

What is iCloud Removal?

iCloud is the Cloud Server of Apple Inc. They provide a storage space for every iOS device user to back up their iOS device data such as images, media files, documents and other data in the devices. In this, all the data of the users are safer and easier to access where ever in the world. The free space given for every user is 5GB initially which can later be extended if required. iCloud can be disadvantageous as well sometimes. That is why many try ways for iCloud Removal. One disadvantage of having iCloud is the auto backup of all personal details, images and text messages etc. to the iCloud. There is an issue of security since there have been some iCloud hacks recently causing personal data to be released.

iCloud Removal

iCloud Removal

iCloud Activation Lock

In all iOS devices, especially for iPhones, there is a feature called Find My iPhone. This feature can be activated in case you lost your iPhone or if someone steals your iOS device. Once it is activated remotely, a feature called iCloud lock activates in the iOS device. This lock can only be opened with your original Apple iCloud Account and the Password. If the Apple account details are not available, then the device is completely useless for the current user of that iOS device.

iCloud Removal

There can be many reasons why you need an iCloud removal. If you want to sell your iOS device but you have forgotten your original account details or if you bought a device through eBay, which has already been locked or if you got accidentally locked out of your own device etc. But if the security is a concern, you don’t have to go for an iCloud removal, but turning off Settings that can do the auto backup of selected apps > Your Account Name > iCloud> Manage Storage > Backups > Select the device > Choose data to backup > Turn off and delete any apps you don’t want to backup.

iCloud Removal methods

There are several methods to remove iClouds or simply to bypass iCloud activation lock. Some methods are simple hacks but they are not very stable and most of the times temporary. Therefore, there are some paid applications to permanently remove the iCloud activation lock. Some applications provide facilities to delete all the personal details from the iOS devices before it can be sold to some other owner. But, most of these applications such as Umate Pro iPhone Data Eraser cannot function once the Find My Phone is activated. I remove is one application that allows the users to permanently remove the iCloud account remotely even in the activated iOS devices. This is important when you accidentally buy a locked iPhone.

Can you use an iCloud locked phone?

yes, the phone may still be useable up to a certain extent once a temporary hack is done to access the account. But, it is not very safe. The original user can still track you or can lock you out of the device. Further, there are certain apps that identify the device is iCloud locked.

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