Dr Fone Lock Screen Removal for Android and iOS

As we discussed in many articles prior to this, Dr Fone is a series of applications. Wonder Share develops and markets the Dr Fone applications. Therefore, it is one of the most popular application series in the world.

Today, we will discuss one of the applications in that series called Dr Fone Lock Screen Removal or simply Dr Fone Unlock.

This tool is a part of the Dr Fone toolkit. There are two main Dr Fone toolkits. They are,

  1. Dr Fone Toolkit for Android
  2. Dr Fone Toolkit for iOS

In both these toolkits it contains the Dr Fone Lock Screen Removal tool.

Dr Fone Lock Screen Removal

However, the way the Dr Fone Lock Screen Removal tools works in the two operating systems is entirely different.

The lock screens of the Android devices are simple. It is required to enter the password or the pattern of the device to enter the device. However, if you forget it, then you get locked out of the device after five consecutive wrong attempts.

Dr Fone Lock Screen Removal tool can be used to access the Android device by passing this lock. The most important thing about the lock screen removal tools like Dr Fone Lock Screen Removal is that they do not Format or factory reset your devices. Therefore, even if you get locked out of the device, you would not yet lose any of the important data in your device.

Otherwise, if you have not already performed a proper backup of your personal data and other important files, you would not be able to access those data.

On the other hand, the iOS lock screen is completely different. IOS device including iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch devices contain a cloud-based account called iCloud Account. Through this account, they get a special security method to remotely lock the device when it is lost or stolen. However, once it is iCloud Locked, if you do not have the proper credentials for your Apple Account, you cannot access the device.

Therefore, you will need a Dr Fone Lock Screen Removal or any other similar service to access the device. This is very much useful if you buy a second-hand iCloud device through eBay. Most of the times those devices cannot be used. This is due to the fact that they locked devices. Hence, you must use a Dr Fone Lock Screen Removal tool to access the device.

Compatibility of Dr Fone Lock Screen Removal Application

There are two versions of this tool as well. Although it is an application for the iOS and Android, it is not a mobile application. It is a desktop application.

Therefore, Dr Fone Lock Screen Removal is compatible with the latest versions of Windows and Mac Operating systems.

Further, as they are used for mobile device management, iOS and Android compatibility should be considered too. IOS latest versions including iOS 12 and Android latest versions up to Android P can use this tool successfully to unlock. Therefore, all the recent versions of the mobile operating systems can use this application.

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