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What is WebP Convert?

Through this article, we will discuss the WebP converter. As we have discussed several times before in our articles, WebP is an image format. It is a very special type of an image format. The specialty of the WebP is it is not an original image format. It is very different from formats such as the PNG, GIF, and JPEG that you see in all your day to image related applications. Even in the Windows Photo Viewer, you will not be able to open a WebP image like you do for other image formats. WebP is designed by the developers in Google with one specific target. That is to reduce the time taken to load a web page and speed up the web pages. There is a sister project to the WebP project carried out by Google themselves. That is the WebM project, where they have created a video and other media format with the same aim.

Online WebP Converter

So how does WebP contribute to the web being faster?

  • As you may have experienced, in some web pages it takes a long time for the images to load than it takes to the rest of the web page to be completely loaded.
  • The reason for this delay is that web developers have included very quality images to the web pages to provide users with a more advanced user – interface interaction. But this decision counterattacks the objective by taking too long for the images to load.
  • This is the issue being addressed by the WebP images. As I have mentioned before, they are not original file formats. WebP is created by converting JPG and PNG images to the WebP format by a technique known as the WebP compression.
  • These compressions are of two types as the Lossy compression and Lossless compression. Lossy compressions are for the JPEG images. The size of the image is reduced by around 30 % than the original image size. The Lossless compression is for the PNG images where the size is reduced by around 26 %.
  • The main objective of the WebP images is to create a smaller and much richer image format than the original format so that quality remains in the images uploaded to the web pages, while the loading time becomes less and less.

Important things on Online WebP Converter

  • As mentioned earlier in the article, WebP is not commonly used in day to day operations. Therefore, if a web developer needs an image in a certain website, they get in a normal image format. Then to upload that image to the web they require WebP converter applications.
  • Also, when there is an important image in the web that we have downloaded in the WebP format, we must convert it using a WebP converter to a normal format to either view it or edit it using PhotoShop or WordPress.
  • WebP converters are of two types. One is the online WebP converter provided by many developers, and the other is the downloadable set of tools to convert the images back and forth from the WebP image format.

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